Pinning • 1.1 Released


The first update of my app Pinning is now available and comes with some significant enhancements.

Pinning • The Context

How a blurry use case turned into a clear vision. Here is some context about which apps inspired me to get started with developing Pinning. What I like about them and what I still miss.

From Brain to List


Coffee & Synths. Questions & Answers


  • Musical styles? Any. Noise, Hip Hop, Electronica, Glitch, Ambient, Chip Tunes, Dance, Soundscapes. Any.
  • Should I bring my own headphones? Yes, please. I’ll set up a small headphone amp. So you’ll be able to adjust your volume.
  • How is this recorded? Stereo Mix. Simple.
  • Will this be published? I’ll post the sessions here and on the event page. There won’t be any further “release” without your confirmation. If you prefer to stay anonymous, no problem, please let me know.
  • No Laptops, really? Yes please. It’s all about pushing buttons and seeing what you hear and not hiding behind a screen. However if you have a device that needs a computer as sound source (e.g. Maschine) it’s okay to connect your controller and put the computer somewhere aside.
  • Schematics? Schematics, schematics …
  • But … why? Because we really need to make more music. And because it needs to be easier to jam out with people, especially with all these ultra mobile music making tools we now all own.

Note: Sorry, it seems like I have serious issues drawing chairs.

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