Envy interview – visuals


We met Tetsuya Fukagawa, singer of Envy in Tokyo. In order to get around the language barrier we made up an interview based on visual tasks – actually we wanted to do a video interview but my video camera battery died after six minutes, so we switched to make a lot of photos. Yoko held the interview in japanese language and made this translation:

The Envy “line”

“please describe envy’s development from the starting point by drawing a line.”


“oh, it’s an interesting request. ok.”


“well, this is the time when we got together. we were students in technical shool. so, at this time it was actually just a hobby for us. just for fun.”


“after few years, we got into the band more than before. more and more interesting people joined the community around the band.”


“we never got a lack of motivation towards envy from the beginning. at this time, we had the chance to give a concert at fuji rock festival. it was an  important point for us.”


“we were always evolving. but i don’t aim for more. i am satisfied if this stays at the same level in future. i think, the reason we never lost motivation for the band is because envy hasn’t always been the center of our life. of course it is very important for us, but it’s just one element. We have many things as important as the band, like families, friends, work … all those important elements in our lives are well balanced.”


The Tetsuya Fukagawa “line”

“thank you so much. let’s move to your personal line.”




“well, i would start from a very low level. when i was born my energy was so low. i grew up with much much love. but when i was in kindergarden, i was very bored :)” “oh, already :)”


“i had a fun time at elementary school and middle school with nice friends. So my life line went up …”


“high school time was not a good time  for me … i got bad friends, wasted time for stupid things …”


“this is the time when i started envy. my life line went up again.”


“well, after i started envy, it was always developing like this!”


Tetsuya Fukagawa’s world

“if you had the chance to put clouds full of LOVE, SUN, MONEY, TRUTH somewhere on the world. where would you put it. let’s start with LOVE …”




“to japan!” “why?” “because this is where i was born. i want to give love to my home.”




” to japan again!” “oh, i thought it would be on africa or other poor regions.” “well, i would like to support people in bad situations in my country … like homeless people.”


“SUN …. mmmmmh, what does this mean?” “sun means light.. you could e.g. put light where darkness is”


“ok … it’s difficult … well ….”


“on north korea and russia… i have a »dark« image of those countries … :)”


“TRUTH! on united states. i see so much lies existing in this country.”


“thank you!” “oh, this was an interesting interview with a new style of questions :)”

Crew: Yoko Muira, Bernd Plontsch recorded in Tokyo, 18.04.09
Interview 30.05.2009