Pinning • 1.1 Released


The first update of my app Pinning is now available and comes with some significant enhancements.

More Minimal

In 1.1 I removed the grey card-like area around items to put even more focus on text itself. The cards metaphor is still there but only visible while editing and when adding a new item.


Another advantage of this change is the increased responsiveness of the app layout. Due to the smaller item height, there is less overlapping and the organisation stays intact, even when switching between extreme screen orientations like from portrait to landscape on an iPhone 5.


The interface is fully responsive and works well across all possible screen orientations and dimensions. All items map relative to the available space.


The second biggest change is something that screenshots cannot convey. I added animated transitions to most board actions like adding items by tapping and dragging, editing, removing items. This makes the app usage more fluent and seamless. Also items are now limited with their movement to the board, no more lapping over. If you try to move an item outside the board it smoothly bounces back.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Projekt 25.03.2013