Pinning 1.4


This is a huge update for Pinning. It’s a re-write on many aspects of the app. I focused on improving note capturing and organisation. And this comes with a completely re-designed even more minimal interface.


From the get-go I wanted the note handling being as tactile and natural as possible. Beyond the usual drag an drop interaction notes now have a physical weight. They drift, bounce and can be snipped away for very quick sorting. Furthermore notes automatically avoid overlapping which saves time for manual reordering.



The most common task of Pinning is to add new notes on the board. After 1.3 I ended up with 3 methods to do this. Now there’s only one. Tap on the board where you want to add a note. This challenges discoverability. Adding notes is the most important action but also the only one that has no visual clue attached to it. I tried to cope with that using a help message popping up at the first launch or tapping “Help” in the menu. However I do expect most users to discover this by simply trying, mainly because there isn’t very much else to tap on anyhow (except the menu ••• symbol) knock on wood.



On a technical note, implementing the physics-based behaviour of notes took me down a curly road, giving both Box 2D and Chipmunk Physics a fair chance to drive a physics layer for Pinning’s UIKit based interface. However I ended up creating my own little engine using CADisplayLink for custom animation behaviour. An then this happened … iOS7. I am super excited about 7 and its new built in physics engine. Therefore this will most likely be the last version of Pinning running on iOS 6. Next I will rip out my custom physics behaviour once again and replace it with UIKit Dynamics. This opens up a plethora of new options for organising and moving notes in even more organic and fun ways. I am very excited about that.

On features

I have a big list of features I’d like to add, like iCloud sync and multiple boards. But I focus on nailing the most important aspects of the app first, which still is the basic board handling, creating sorting, organising notes. With 1.4 I removed the Omnifocus/Drafts export feature. I plan to add this functionality back again at a later point.

Check out Pinning 1.4 and let me know what you think. I appreciate any feedback.

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Projekt 04.07.2013