Report – Personal Digital Photography from 2002 to 2010

I got my first digital camera in 2002 and wondered how making photos changed for me since then:

  • How long did I use the different devices?
  • How did the average resolution change?
  • How many photos did I do every day on average?

To answer these questions I wrote a small Ruby script analyzing basic EXIF information like model and resolution of all photos in a given folder and output the results to a CSV file. I didn’t count edited photos, only the original camera shots. Unfortunately my Nokia 6230 didn’t write the Exif tag, so I had to add those photos to the spreadsheet manually. Next I used Google Docs to process the data. Here are some results.

View large version (PDF)

Data \ Ruby Script

… oh, and in case you are interested some actual photos you can check some of them out on Flickr or Instagram.

Projekt 04.06.2011