Coffee & Synths. In preparation of …


I just prepared the tech setup for our next week’s coffee & synths session. Trying to keep it as minimal and portable as possible, plus: avoiding computers as point of failure and distraction. Currently all parts fit in a in small basket and can be carried around easily. So the only thing we depend on infrastructure-wise is access to a single power outlet. That’s it.

Main Parts

  • 8 Channel Mixer
  • 4 Stereo Channels Headphone Amp
  • Stereo Audio Recorder

During the session the mixer and the headphone amp will be accessible to everybody. All relevant connectors and channels are color coded so you will know immediatly which knobs to turn to adjust your input or headphone level.

I can’t wait. This will be great fun. If you are interested and haven’t joined yet, you can do so here.

Projekt 10.03.2013

Coffee & Synths I. You are invited.


Let’s combine the two greatest inventions in the world. Coffee & Synths! Bring your iPhone, OP-1, Animoog, Nintendo DS, MPC or any other mobile music device or app and join our open session!


Saturday afternoon, March 16th, 14:00 – 16:00 Agora, Kurz vor Eden Café, Berlin, free. This will be a one-time experiment. But if it works, we might do it again. Who knows.


All you need is …

  • Your portable instrument of choice
  • Headphones

Join the event at Facebook

How it works

We meet at the wonderful Agora Café, create random groups of 3 people per session, put headphones on and jam out!

Everyone is welcome. We are really all beginners, somehow.

Everybody brings their own sound device – this can be [insert endless list of mobile music making gadgets here] really anything that produces sound, that isn’t too big to fit on a coffee table and has a heaphone jack. We attach all devices to a little mixer so that everybody on the table gets the same mixed signal. Every session lasts excactly 10 minutes, then we form a new random group and repeat. Other people in the room won’t hear a thing, but the session will be recorded, so you can listen and share the sounds afterwards.

In detail …

  1. All participants meet at 14:00
  2. We form a session of 3 people, randomly chosen from the ones who join
  3. To avoid confusion, in each session max. 1 participant takes the rhythm/drums part. he/she defines the tempo of the session.
  4. We connect everyone’s device to the mixer.
  5. Everyone puts on their headphones and adjusts their volumes.
  6. Starting the clock.
  7. ||| Play ||| No Style defined. Noise, Ambient, Electronica, everything can happen. All live and Improvised.
  8. The session ends after excactly 10 minute. There will be a counting clock on the table visible for everyone.
  9. From all people who did not participate in the session, again 3 people are chosen randomly for the next one.
  10. Repeating steps 1-9 until it’s 16:00.

We do only 1 session at a time, so you will have some time to relax until it’s your turn again. But don’t worry. Agora Café is a cozy place to simply hang out, too.

Yes, ruuules …

  • No prerecorded sequences please. Everything is played live and improvised.
  • One device per session. Pick yours wiseley.
  • No syncing.
  • No acoustic intruments.
  • No cords. No hassle. Keep your setup battery powered and as simple as possible.
  • No laptops (on the table).

Questions? Post them to group, twitter or reach me via mail.

Event Projekt 21.02.2013