Report – Personal Digital Photography from 2002 to 2010

I got my first digital camera in 2002 and wondered how making photos changed for me since then:

  • How long did I use the different devices?
  • How did the average resolution change?
  • How many photos did I do every day on average?

To answer these questions I wrote a small Ruby script analyzing basic EXIF information like model and resolution of all photos in a given folder and output the results to a CSV file. I didn’t count edited photos, only the original camera shots. Unfortunately my Nokia 6230 didn’t write the Exif tag, so I had to add those photos to the spreadsheet manually. Next I used Google Docs to process the data. Here are some results.

Projekt 04.06.2011

Il Tempo Gigante, Live

und wenn man das Gefühl hat, dass man eh schon alles gehört hat und einen nix mehr treffen kann, passiert sowas …

Event 09.01.2011

Ein halbe Stunde mit Rumpeln, Kurt Schneider, T.V. Shit und Kazz

Sonntag, 19.09.10 abends, nach einer Lesung von Thomas Glatz:

Event 20.09.2010